Monday, November 7, 2011

32 Week Appointment

Today was my routine 2 week OB check. Everything is going great! My blood pressure is perfect, I actually lost 1# from my last appointment (I'm trying really hard not to gain much more weight), and her heart rate was good. I did mention that Scarlett has been slow to move since last night and it was taking a lot of effort to get a kick from her. I was put on the monitors for NST for 20-30min and of course she woke right up and looked great! My OB did not seem concerned that she was breech, saying she still has time to turn. However, I did ask if he would perform the external cephalic version IF it came down to it and he said yes as long as I understood the risks. We will have a more in depth conversation about this IF she is still breech in a few weeks. 

I am NOT immune from the chicken pox so I will request the vaccine postpartum. We still don't know if that is what Emma had (we are hoping the immunologist can interpret her labs for us tomorrow). 

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