Sunday, November 20, 2011

34 Weeks!!

I am so glad to have hit the 34 week mark yesterday!! I feel like Scarlett is past all the major developmental milestones at this point. All she has left to do is gain weight and continue letting her lungs mature. In just 3 weeks she will be full term already!! The belly button has popped out (which never happened with the girls)...this turkey is done!! Hehe ;)

I see my OB tomorrow for a check up and next week I have another sono...I'm anxious to know if she is head down yet. She has been moving like crazy and I have consistently been feeling kicks up in my ribs...even while being breech. 

We have also finished her nursery and I think it's my new favorite room of the house! I will do a separate post with a compilation of all the photos from her room :)

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Kelly Grant said...

You are looking good!