Saturday, October 1, 2011

27 Weeks (aka: 3rd Trimester)!

Welcome to 3rd Trimester!! I can't believe it! 
It's October 1st, the weather is beautiful, & the holidays are coming!!!

Overall I am feeling good!! Still have lots of energy to chase around the kiddos :) I have started having braxton hicks contractions though pretty consistently. Cody doesn't think Scarlett will be waiting till Christmas for her arrival. We shall see!! Her movements are becoming much more pronounced and you can see my whole belly shift when she does =)

Lab updates: I passed my glucose tolerance test!!! And even more importantly my thyroid biopsy came back good. I have atypical cells (which is expected for my Hashimoto's) but there are no malignant cells seen!! We will recheck for growth in 1 year. 

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