Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Scarlett's Nursery (in progress)

We finally have furniture!! 

View from Doorway

View from Closet (back left corner)

The Crib!

Bedding with Blanket

The Bedding

The Bedding




Reese got all excited when I washed the car seat and reassembled it. She said she was going to "rock" Scarlett and began to show me how while singing "Rock-A-Bye-Baby"! She is SO excited so we put Scarlett's teddy bear in there ;)

Still to come: curtains, her bow board is almost done, & wall letters


Rishana said...

Its looking so pretty Tonya-I just love red!

The Sweatman Family said...

Thank you Rishana!!! I went out of my comfort zone by choosing red bedding but it couldn't be more perfect!

Leigh-Ann said...

Hi tonya, i found you on the bump and i follow your blog daily. Just wanted to say you have GREAT taste in cribs! That is gorgeous and so was Emmas. I LOVE how Emmas name is on hers! So sweet! Congrats to you guys :)