Monday, October 17, 2011

Emma, Emma, Emma...

is sick again

She woke up hot from a nap yesterday and I waited over an hour to take her temp thinking she just got overheated while sleeping.  Unfortunately, that was not the case:

4pm: 102.6 - Motrin
6pm: bath
10pm: 101.1 - Tylenol
4:15am: 105.2 - Motrin & bath
Noon: 104.1 - Tylenol & bath

So off to the pediatrician we go...
This is how she acts at the Dr's office...

...and this is how she acts at home (snuggling with Scarlett)

Diagnosis: A Double Ear Infection with lots of fluid and pus on both ears. Rx: Omnicef x 10 days. It's unusual to spike that big of a fever with an ear infection so she looked in her throat (which was red but no signs of the coxsackie virus). If she still battling fever on Wednesday, I'm supposed to call her back. 

Poor baby hasn't had a drop of milk today. She just keeps refusing it but is drinking water well. Get well soon Emma!!

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Kelly Grant said...

Hope she is feeling better by the time you get home today. That is cute has she lays on your bump though!1