Monday, October 31, 2011


I felt like I needed to post this since I have been running on fumes lately.

Heavenly Father,walk through my house, and take away all my worries and any illnesses, and please watch over and heal my family and friends. Bring quiet where there is chaos, bring light where there is darkness, and put love in our hearts. In JESUS' name, AMEN.

 I spent all morning with Emma at a pediatric "express" lab (that was not very "express") to have her varicella titers drawn. I then called my OB to update him on possible chicken pox exposure and  now I am needing to have my varicella titers checked as well (which I will do tomorrow on my lunch break at clinical). 

Emma woke up this morning with more sores around her mouth but the rest of her body looked about the same as yesterday. Her blisters are very red and a lot are scabbing over. The areas behind her knees bother her the most because she crawls off the table when I try to apply the Bactroban cream to those spots. It will be another day or two before we get any lab results. 

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