Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hand Foot Mouth

Yesterday Emma came home with a fever...story of our lives right now. She was 100.5 which I was thankful for after the last few fevers of 105. Her teachers said she was very fussy but ate and napped well. 

She also came home with a mohawk....

They had 1 diagnosed case of hand foot mouth (HFM) in her class a few days prior so I was immediately suspicious she had caught it. She stirred quite a bit through the night but remained fever free (much to my surprise). 

And this morning....she most definately has HFM.


Mouth (sores on bottom lip and in back of throat)

Back of legs (this is her usual spot for her eczema flare ups so I am guessing the stress of a virus has her overreacting in this area). 

She also has spots on her abdomen, arms, cheeks, etc...basically everywhere. There really is nothing we can give her since it's a virus so there is no point in going to the pediatrician right now. She's very slow with the fluids but this child will not pass up food! Mouth pain is the most common complaint of HFM and most kids refuse to eat...but NOT Emma ;)

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