Sunday, October 30, 2011

I Was Wrong!

Well assuming Emma had HFM after a diagnosed case in her class wasn't too far-fetched I don't think...but I was wrong! I managed to get the same angle picture (on my phone so sorry for clarity) from day 1 till day 3 (today) and it is crazy to see how intense this rash got!

Day 1 (Friday 100.5 fever after nap at school)

Day 2 (Saturday)

Day 3 (Sunday-100.4 fever after nap)

Day 2

Day 3

Face Day 3

So I took Emma to Goodnight Pediatrics since it is a Sunday. The Dr. walked in and said "she's the one with a rash?" and I said yes and proceeded to pull down her leggings and socks. She said "oh!". I told her I initially thought it was HFM since there was a case in her class and she shook her head "no". I proceeded to tell her her history or strep throat followed by double ear infections and recent completion of a 10 day course of Omnicef. She checked her ears and said "nope" they are still infected. I just had to laugh sarcastically--what else could this sweet little girl have to deal with?!?!

I explained to her how the rash is getting worse by the day and the blisters are rupturing. I also told her how Emma was screaming in pain last night. We had given tylenol, motrin, and benadryl just to help give some relief....which only lasted a few hours. They did a rapid strep test since unresolved strep can lead to a widespread rash--it was negative. Emma has these blisters in her throat and even has one on her ear. 

Diagnosis: Impetigo (a secondary skin infection of the rash) and possible chicken pox exposure. She had the varicella vaccine at her 12mo appt and although getting the chicken pox from the vaccine is can happen. 

Medications: Clindamycin 3 times a day x 10 days, Bactroban cream 3 times a day x 7 days, OTC tylenol, motrin, benadryl.

Plan: They swabbed an open blister and sent it for culture so we should know in about 48hrs what kind of bacteria is growing (staph vs strep). They went ahead and sent her strep swab for culture since the rapid tests aren't always accurate. Emma has lab orders for blood titers for chicken pox, which we will do tomorrow since the lab was closed on a Sunday. I did ask about my risk being pregnant and she said "if this is chicken pox it can be dangerous in the 3rd trimester."


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Rishana said...

You and your family have really been through your fair share of sickness! Will be praying for a break for you all and some relief for little Emma.