Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Emma!!


EATING: Emma will eat anything...except cake apparently! She is learning how to use a spoon herself.
DRINKING: Emma is almost completely on whole cow's milk now. We mix the milk with only 1-2oz of formula to finish off the open can we have and then she will be on only cow's milk. She still likes it warm so we will be working on transitioning to the cold temperature and off bottles completely. She can drink out of any kind of cup doesn't matter what kind of spout or even if it has a straw. She is a pro at any cup we give her ;)
SLEEPING: Emma sleeps 12 hours straight at night! She has recently started wanting to sleep on a pillow...oh how she is growing up!
PACIFIER: Emma only uses a paci at night. She does not use one at all during the day or at nap at school.
TEETH: Emma has 8 teeth!
WORDS: Emma can say "Momma", "Dadda", "Emma", "Dah" (dog), "uh oh" & "all done".
SIGNING: She can sign "milk" & "all done". We are working on "more".
SCHOOL: Emma transitioned last week into the 12-18mo class at school. She has done great transitioning! She was upset at first because she was attached to her nursery room teachers but she is no longer bothered by the move. The 12-18mo class does not give the paci. Emma eats the same lunches as all the other school kids. She is getting to go to Chapel once a week, Spanish once a week, and outside to play daily.
FUN FACTS: Emma is still LEFT-HANDED! She has blond hair and blue eyes. She is ALWAYS happy unless hungry or tired. She loves to snuggle and be close to us ;) Emma wants to be doing whatever Reese is doing...she loves her sister!

~Eating is NOT an issue~
~Happy Birthday To You~

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Kelly Grant said...

Oh my goodness, I love that girl!!! The ways you describe her sound every similar to Addison only a few months ago when she was 12 months :) I love that she loves to do everything reese does, that makes me smile (not to mention gives me hope!!)