Thursday, September 1, 2011

Update: Emma

Shortly after my blog post yesterday, Emma spiked a BIG fever...105! I took it twice because I didn't believe it (although she sure was acting it). I immediately gave her Motrin (she had already had Tylenol that morning), put her in the bath and got the pediatrician on the phone...which is not easy during lunch hour. We debated for a while on the phone if we should go to the hospital or back to the pediatrician's office for another assessment. The doctor's biggest concern was if she needed an IV or not...I assured her she was drinking fluids adequately. With that we went back to the pediatricians office. They had planned on doing a full work up of blood culture and urine but decided to run a rapid strep test before starting all that. Emma slept right through the throat swab and even the full assessment of having her ears checked (again). The test was positive for strep. Most likely source: The Children's Museum we just went to. No one else at the girl's school is sick at the moment. She slept most of the entire day and was awake for maybe a total of 3 hours the whole day. As long as I was holding her, she was sleeping. Although I love these moments, I don't want her to be sick and hurting.

I've had a lot of messages today asking how Emma is doing and am blessed to have so many people in our lives who care. We couldn't get her fever below 103 yesterday. We started the Augmentin at dinner. We woke up every few hours to rotate giving Tylenol/Motrin. Emma is doing better today. Her fever is not as high and manageable with the medications. She is drinking fluids fine but has really stopped eating solids since her throat hurts. Cody went and bought all the goodies for a sore throat today: vanilla ice cream, popsicles and yogurt :)


The Pokornys said...

Poor baby!! 105, I'm sure that was scary! Maybe she is just one of those kids who runs high fevers. I always ran a really high fever, and Mer never ran fever. I hope she is feeling better. Strep is no fun, but I'm sure you're glad they figured out what was wrong. I'll be saying prayer for her! How is Scarlett doing? Any more news yet?

dawnzer said...

Poor thing! =( get well soon Emma!