Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me!

Happy Birthday To Me ;)

I LOVE being greeted in the morning by Reese with card in hand saying "Happy Birthday Mommy"! Just melts my heart and Emma got lots of snuggle time with me this morning :) Cody and the girls made me my favorite breakfast followed by presents. I am now the proud owner of a sewing machine! I know, I know...this makes me officially "old" but so many of the girls' things I think to myself "I could have made that". Cody did great and even got all the accessories (scissors, seam ripper, needles, pins, bobbins)!

And look at these GORGEOUS flowers!

I did have a dull moment by having to get another fine need aspiration biopsy today on my thyroid. I have two "suspicious" nodules on my thyroid. They are considered suspicious because they seem to have established a blood supply (vascularized) and have ill defined borders (which means they are growing). So.... I underwent 5 needle sticks (aspiration biopsies) today. It went much smoother than my last experience with this. We have to wait for the results. 

After that Cody took me out for lunch to PF Changs at my request ;) Thank you everyone for all the phone calls, emails, cards that I received today!!!

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