Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Saying Goodbye

Harley's time with us on earth is getting shorter. He is not doing well at all. He is having syncopal episodes (where his heart is out of rhythm and is not providing oxygen to his body) several times a week now and last night he officially had a seizure. Last night I told Cody "it is time".

We didn't want to ever get to this point but we are here. I don't want him suffering and I don't want the girls to see his attacks - which they haven't so far.

Last night I prayed for God to take Harley peacefully and that we will be ok although it will break our hearts.

This morning I didn't know what I would find when I went to let them out. I couldn't arrouse him at first but I saw him move so I knew he was still with us. He had no desire to get up and go outside so I had to do a lot of convincing.

Today we told the girls Harley was "very sick" and Reese understands he will be dying soon. She also seems to understand he won't be coming back. The girls focused on loving on him during our outside play so that we could get some last pictures.

Cody called the vet and talked about our options. It is not good he is having seizures now. She was surprise he survived the one last night. She said his heart condition is depriving him of oxygen which is triggering the seizure. Her suggestion is what we already knew in our hearts needs to happen.

Cody & I are trying to come to terms with this and will call back to schedule it when the time is right. I think a small part of us is praying he will turn the corner and be fine. He can't handle too much more of this and neither can we.

Reese & Harley

 Emma & Harley

Scarlett & Harley

We don't want to say goodbye!

We love you Harley with all our hearts!

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