Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day 2013

We had a wonderful Memorial Day yesterday! We were thankful Cody was off to spend the day with us and with Harley. We enjoyed a relaxing morning then got ready to go eat lunch.

I had no intentions of being in this photo but Scarlett got upset when Cody sat her down for the picture (because she was ready to eat...now)! Cody did a very good job at capturing this sweet picture of us girls!
We had lunch at one of our favorite spots, Willies Icehouse.  I love the margaritas...

and the girls love the sandbox!

After the girls took a nap we headed out to the backyard for some family fun! I decided to take a picture with Harley since I can't remember the last picture I have with him. It was a very bittersweet day as we had fun and celebrated but also knowing that Harley would be leaving us the next day.
Cody set up a splash park for the girls including a water slide!

Bailey wanted in on the action

I got splashed on this one!

What a landing!

Scarlett didn't not think this was a good idea

Torpedo baby!

After that, Scarlett stuck to the safety of the baby pool! I love her "cheese" face - makes me smile no matter how I am feeling!

Harley spent time loving on the girls...

Harley had such a good day watching the girls splash and having fun!
Cody grilled us some delicious kabobs for dinner and we enjoyed eating outside on the patio. It was a great day!

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