Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Airplane Crafts

I didn't plan on blogging this but I just love how this art turned out from today!

I wasn't sure what I was going to write in the clouds (even when I wrote my last post) but then it dawned on me to write the new song I taught them today! In case you missed it...

Airplane Song (tune of 'Are You Sleeping')
Little airplane, little airplane,
in the sky, in the sky,
I can see you soaring, I can see you soaring, 
Up so high, Up so high. 

Plane printable here
Cloud printable here

Here are the girls' foam airplanes! They really loved picking out the "glitter" for their planes. (Scarlett ripped her plane apart before she even got started). 
airplane craftTemplate here

Emma is learning about the number 9 this week. (All my girls made these but I made sure Emma ended up with 9 and she had to count them out). 
cloud craft
I really like Twisty Noodle for coloring pages because you can control what the words say at the top of the page!
Reese's very colorful airplane!

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