Monday, May 13, 2013

first day of PRESCHOOL at home!

Today is day one of preschool at home and I am overwhelmed with emotions right now. I am so happy to have this treasured time with them but at the same time feel like I am not doing anything right.

Reese is helping me like a big girl and listening well! Emma is having a hard time taking me seriously since "home time" is usually "fun time". Scarlett is my wanderer and gets into everything and distracts us from our lesson. This is a learning experience for all of us and I am hoping we get better at ... fast!

Today we are learning about Airplanes as part of transportation month. Here is some of our morning lesson:

Reese & Emma took turns tracing the lines on some airplane themed paper. I told Emma she could draw a smiley face on hers.

Reese practiced reviewing the letter A.

 Emma impressed me by identifying which picture was different and circling them!

Our power magnets didn't come in the mail so we had to improvise with pom poms. 

We also glued together some clothes pins and popsicle sticks to make airplanes and will paint them this afternoon. 

The girls learned the Bible story Philip & the Ethopian along with a little song to go with it:

Philip stopped to help a man,
help a man, help a man,
Philip stopped to help a man,
he told him about Jesus.

Both girls were singing it by the time we were done and we will continue to cover this story all week. We even rolled up paper like a scroll (which you may notice in their cubbies in the pictures) and the girls pretended like they couldn't read what was on it and had to ask for help to understand it. 

I pray that we all get better at this transition of preschooling at home!

*UPDATE* See our afternoon and day 2 here

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