Thursday, March 7, 2013

What Have The Girls Been Up To?


Reese's 4yr Old Stats (on 2/13)

Weight: 34.1lbs (44%)
Height: 40.8in (72%)

She gained 4lbs and 2in over the past year. Poor thing had to get FOUR shots at this check up but loved going to Orange Leaf for frozen yogurt afterward!

Reese looked at my wedding ring the other day and said "Mommy, I want to be married to Daddy. I love him too." It was so sweet!! She has Daddy wrapped around her finger! 

She loves riding her bike down our big street when we go for walks. She goes so fast I have to run to keep up! 

Every weekend her and Emma have a slumber party on the floor or Emma's room. Which is kinda silly since Reese has a trundle bed (but they just won't fall asleep in there). 

She still has yet to have a haircut but we are finally getting close to needing one ;)


Emma is now potty trained! Both ways in fact and it was SUPER easy for her (and us). She still wears a diaper for sleep but wears panties all day, to school, and out and about! The first day we sent her in panties to school I packed her back pack with 4 backup panties/outfits. I was so PROUD when I picked her up and not a single accident!

Emma loves wearing tutus and pettiskirts! I can't keep her out of them! She sleeps in them, puts them on her dresser for school the next day and wears them all weekend long! I now buy dresses that have that built in skirt flare so she will wear her clothes! The Easter Bunny is even bringing a cute little tutu swim suit this year (he told me!)

She LOVES cereal (any kind) with milk!


Scarlett is walking everywhere and trying to run! She was officially walking at 13mo. She LOVES playing catch and says "ball". 

She also says "hi", "bye", "please", "thank you", "uh oh", "Harley" & "Bailey".

I stopped breastfeeding her at 13mo and am so proud for how long both of us made it! She now gets cold whole milk (from a cup during the day and a bottle at bedtime). We are trying to get rid of this last bottle but since she won't take a paci it has been tough. Once these last 2 incisors are done cutting we will drop the bottle. 

She has also started chewing a daily probiotic like her sisters. I think she is hitting a growth spurt because she eats ALL THE TIME! She will eat more than her sisters do!

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