Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easter Bunny 2013

All smiles this year!!!

After we left the Easter Bunny we looked around the Disney store and then passed by Build-A-Bear. Reese was suddenly not starving for lunch anymore and wanted to go into Build-A-Bear ("please, Mommy")! Cody and I told her "no, maybe we can go in there next time". 

Commence the pouty, silent treatment.  She didn't throw a fit, cry, or make a scene. She just would not talk to us for the rest of the walk to the car.

On the way to lunch Reese was concerned that she had forgotten to tell the Easter Bunny that she was a good girl. Thus, the following conversation occurred:

Reese: "Mommy, did you tell the Easter Bunny I was good?"
Me: "Yes, I did! But you 'almost' threw a fit about not going to Build-A-Bear."
Reese: "Well don't tell her that!"

Cody & I couldn't stop laughing!

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