Thursday, March 28, 2013

Scarlett's 15 Month Stats

Guess who is 15 months!
I am!

Scarlett loves playing Peek-A-Boo...

You can't even tell she just got 2 shots! She got a hold of Reese's Doc McStuffins ... guess she made her boo boos feel better ;)

15 Month Stats
Weight: 22lb. 9oz (48%)
Height: 31in (69%) ... this one was inaccurate though...she was very squirmy. We measure her at 32"(90%) which is more on track with her 12 month stats
Head: 18.7in (89%)

New words are: "good girl", "ouch", "shoes", "up" & "tickle tickle"

We are bottle free as of last month but unfortunately picked up a bedtime paci habit instead. The paci never leaves her bed. We will break this in a few months but felt like getting her off the bottle was more important.

Scarlett is literally the HAPPIEST little girl! Can't you tell from these pictures? She is always smiling, playing, & laughing! She has no problem keeping up with her sisters.

You are our little angel, Scarlett! We love you more than words!

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