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Stitch Fix Review {Take Two}

My 2nd Stitch Fix finally arrived! It was supposed to arrive on the 23rd but this box shipped from California (versus Indiana where my last fix shipped from) so it arrived on the 26th. I was ok with this though. I'd rather have a great stylist and a better fix than a rushed one!

This time when I was notified my fix had shipped I decided to "peek" at what I would be getting by going into my account to the check out page. It tells you the name of the item you are getting (but not the color) and you can then find pictures of the items on google or pinterest.

I have to say - I actually was bummed after looking up my fix before it arrived. I immediately thought "they didn't send me the blue denim jacket, pink top, nor rodeo top I wanted". Once my fix arrived and I read my personal note from my new stylist. I immediately smiled and got a spark of excitement!

I appreciated the fact that my new stylist, Rachel, acknowledged the items I had requested and stated they didn't have any in their inventory. At least I know she read my note and tried to fulfill my requests. I also appreciated the fact that Rachel mentioned my Pinterest board, proving she took the time to look through the outfits I love and made sure they were nursing friendly.
I was confused at first that my note specifically mentioned a pair of grey skinny jeans and my fix actually didn't contain any pants at all. Instead, I had a tank top that wasn't mentioned in the note. So I am assuming a mix up happened during packaging of my box. I will mention this when I check out in my comments that I would love to try these grey skinny jeans in my next box.

The items I received were:
  • Sanctuary Rennes Button Front Top ($68)
Untitled #11285

  • Loveappella Dooly Knit Tank ($48)
Dooly Knit Tank

  • 41Hawthorne Filbert 3/4 Sleeve Popover Blouse ($58)
  • Eight Sixty Bridgette Kimono ($64)
Untitled #11284
  • Liverpool Raina Dark Denim Jacket ($88)
Raina Dark Denim Jacket

Sanctuary Rennes Button Front Top ($68) - RETURNED
My stylist recommended that I wear the off-white Sanctuary Rennes Button Front Top with the grey skinny jeans (which I never got) and the dark denim jacket with boots for the rodeo. Overall, this top fit great, good neutral color with subtle embroidery detail.
I couldn't get on board with the very large side slits and the large chunk of banding along the bottom.
My husband's opinion when I put it on was "maybe when you are 60"... not exactly the look I am going for. I think the embroidery bothered him the most, but I actually liked that detail.

Loveappella Dooly Knit Tank ($48) - RETURNED
As I mentioned above, I believe this item was in my fix by mistake. My personal note didn't mention it but mentioned grey skinny jeans that I didn't get. I still tried it on even though I already knew I didn't like it for the large cutout in the back and the orange-coral color in the stripe. This tank top fit like a muscle tank. It was snug around the chest, had very large arm holes, and was very loose in the mid-section.
I didn't like the fact that my bra and nursing cami showed under my arms in this.
I am also not a fan of showing off my back freckles.
The fabric was very thin for the price and it already had a snag. If I am going to spend that much on a tank top, it better be high quality with some special detail on it. This was not $48 special! Back it went.

41Hawthorne Filbert 3/4 Sleeve Popover Blouse ($58) - KEEP
When I "peeked" at my fix items online I knew this top would be a keeper as long as it fit and the color was right (it comes in many colors). I was so excited when I realized I got the black one! I had this top pinned to my pinterest board in black and I am so glad my stylist, Rachel, noticed it. The fit was perfect (almost feels a bit big but I know a size small would be tight around the chest), nursing friendly, a go-to color for me, and I loved the buttons.
The back of the sleeves have a cute little cutout detail. I left a comment at checkout that "this was me all the way".

Eight Sixty Bridgette Kimono ($64) - RETURNED
My stylist noticed I had one kimono pinned to my pinterest board so she took a chance with this one for me. A kimono is out of my comfort zone and not something I'd never pick out for myself. The idea and look of them is so effortless, comfy, and perfect for a busy mom chasing little ones around. I wanted to like this one...I really did. It is a soft lavender with pops of color. But unfortunately, this kimono was cut much longer than the one I had pinned and it went to my knees since I am so short. I really didn't like the side profile in this.
Even if it was shorter, it seemed to swallow me. I am not used to over-sized items so it just felt like I was swimming in it.
My girls, however, thought it was beautiful and that I should keep it :) I did leave a comment when I returned this that I'd be willing to try another in a calmer print that is cut shorter and that I'd probably need it in a small. I did like that it wasn't a dry clean item and that it didn't have fringe like some kimonos have.

Liverpool Raina Dark Denim Jacket ($88) - RETURNED

When I "peeked" at my fix online and saw I was getting a dark grey jacket I was upset. I really want a classic medium wash blue denim jacket with silver buttons as a staple piece in my closet. When I read my personal note from Rachel she pointed out it had silver buttons ... so she was trying for me. I was surprised by how much I actually liked this dark grey jacket! I debated and debated and really wanted to keep it. It went great with my wardrobe and looked awesome with black pants.
I would have loved to have tried it on with the skinny grey jeans I was supposed to get! When it came down to it, it was too big. The shoulder seams went past my shoulder and onto my arm.
The sleeves unrolled went to my knuckles.
I also had extra denim under my arms that kept bugging me ... like it wasn't fitted enough. The last jacket I was sent in Fix #1 was much more fitted than this brand. I did leave a comment that this was almost a keeper but the fit just wasn't right. I either need it in a small or a petite medium or a different brand all together.

So my total cost for this fix:
Blouse $58 - $20 styling fee applied = $38 + $2.47 tax = $40.47
I have credit from Christmas gift cards so my actual cost was $0!

I am so much happier with Rachel as my stylist! I am going to request her for my next fix! I will be requesting pieces that are good for a camping trip in my next fix. I plan to ask for spring items and maybe a dress in my March fix.

If you would like to try Stitch Fix yourself, I'd love it if you would use my referral link! I will get $25 credit when your box ships out!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. This post does contains referral links, which I'd be so pleased if you would use! All opinions are my own and items are paid for with my own money!

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