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Stitch Fix Box Review {Take One}

Since signing up for Stitch Fix, I have been filling up my Pinterest board with styling ideas (which they ask you to do so they can style you better) and anxiously awaited for the arrival of my 1st Stitch Fix box.
Stitch Fix
You get to leave a note of requests for each box you are scheduled to get. My note said: I was a mom of 4 littles who pushes a double stroller to school pick up 5/7 days a week and that I am breastfeeding a baby. I need effortless, nursing friendly items. I requested a denim jacket with silver buttons, lightly distressed jeans, grey/white/or camel color skinny jeans, a specific pink Stitch Fix top to wear to Reese's pink birthday party and a rodeo top (possibly a plaid button up).

My box arrived exactly on the day it was scheduled for and I was like a kid on Christmas morning filled with anticipation and excitement!

When I opened the box everything was packaged very nicely. It was topped with a note and styling cards for each item.

When I started to read my personal note from my stylist I knew instantly this was not going to be what I expected. Here is my personal note (complete with a misspelling).

#1- I never asked for shoes!
#2- I did make a Pinterest board and linked it to my profile!
#3- Even if he couldn't find the Stitch Fix plaid shirt I had pinned, I expected some sort of option for the rodeo instead. Same applies to the pink top I request for Reese's pink birthday party.

The items I received were:
  • Mavi Freida Tall Skinny Jean $98

  • Staccato Byers Houndstooth Open Draped Cardigan $64
  • Malcom Abstract Chevron Dolman Sleeve Top $48

  • Kut from the Kloth Callie Denim Jacket $74

  • Mavi Gold Ruxin Distressed Boyfriend Jean $128

Itemized list with prices

Mavi Freida Tall Skinny Jean, Grey $98 - RETURNED
In my profile I put I am 5'3" (aka: short) and requested short/ankle length for any pants. I might consider regular length if cuffing is needed. I was sent TALL grey jeans. There was so much extra fabric it wrapped onto my foot like a never ending jean sock! Too bad because they fit otherwise. Personally, I think $98 is expensive for jeans so I am not willing to pay even more on top of that to get them hemmed. Plus the point of this service is to save me time from shopping - and having to got get alterations is not time saving.

Staccato Byers Houndstooth Open Draped Cardigan $64 -RETURNED
I do love cardigans and this one was super soft and I like that it had grey. However, I don't have one thing pinned in houndstooth print. I barely like houndstooth in small doses much less a giant, overwhelming print of it. It was not a rodeo top nor a pink party top so it was sent back.

Malcom Abstract Chevron Dolman Sleeve Top $48 - RETURNED
I put in my style profile I prefer sleeves on my tops but was unsure about dolman sleeve. Of course, they sent me a dolman sleeve top. I have now established I do not like dolman sleeve like I tried to say in my profile. This is not breastfeeding friendly in my eyes with the fitted banding around the waist. The fabric was super soft but that's about all it had going for it. This is not a rodeo top. This is not a pink top for a pink party. It was actually too big (I was drowning in extra fabric with my short torso) & had nothing to do with my style pins in my board so it was sent back. 

Kut from the Kloth Callie Denim Jacket $74 - RETURNED
This was cute, super soft denim, and fit! BUT... I specifically requested silver buttons for this particular item. So based on that overlooked detail, it was sent back. If I was not specifically on the lookout for a silver button one (to go with all my silver shoes), then I might have kept this item.

Mavi Gold Ruxin Distressed Boyfriend Jean $128 - RETURNED
The distressed jeans I got are so destructed they have tape on the inside of each giant hole in the knees. They are also over my requested denim budget of $50-$100. The Stitch Fix jeans I pinned to my board had one small patch of distress and were $78. These were not "lightly distressed" like I asked for nor in my budget so they had to go back. I was really hoping these were right because they fit great.

My stylist was Ronald (aka: Ronnie) and I am not pleased with him at all. I understand they can't always honor specific item requests but sending me "tall" instead of my correct hem length was just careless. As well as not looking at my style board, which had a working link.

I actually contacted Stitch Fix before trying anything on because I was so upset they didn't look at my Pinterest board, read my profile and sizing, or consider my requests for silver, pink, lightly distressed (within budget) & a rodeo top. They had completely missed the mark and didn't even take the time to try on this Fix. I asked Stitch Fix if this was going to be a continued issue.

I was contacted back by Rachel from their client support department and she was very easy and accommodating to deal with. I expressed my concerns with her and she offered me a $20 credit on my next fix so that the next styling fee would be on them. I told her I appreciated it and also asked her for a new stylist since this one didn't even look at my Pinterest board or sizing details. I told her I was disappointed that I was going to have to blog a failure for my 1st fix. She then offered to send me a replacement fix with a more experienced stylist and the $20 credit since this one was so far off track.

I am appreciative of how they handled the issue and helped resolve it. I do think this could be a great service to use if they can get my style right. A friend who signed up using my referral code received her fix and kept two items! I am hopeful the replacement fix will be tailored to my personal style!

Please stay tuned for Stitch Fix Box Review {Take Two}!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post nor am I an affiliate. This post contains referral links, which gives me a $25 credit if you schedule & get shipped your own fix using my referral link. I would love for you to sign up and try it for yourself!

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hollie marie said...

I'm so sorry you had such a stinky first Fix! It definitely sounds like you need a new stylist and I'm really glad that customer service made things right for you. I had the same type of experience on box #3... they changed my stylist unexpectedly and I got a box full of stuff that I would never have asked for! A quick interaction with customer service and I was put back together with my original stylist and got a total keeper the next time around.

Cant wait to see your next Fix!