Friday, January 2, 2015

Georgia Rae's 1st Foods {Carrots}

On December 20th, we introduced Georgia to her 1st pureed baby food - homemade carrots. Her sisters were so excited to watch Georgia try her 1st food! Cody was working so I was taking pictures with one hand and feeding her through the camera lens with my non-dominant hand. This was not easy folks so please excuse the missed focus photos!

...and that about sums that up! Georgia is my only child who actually VOMITED up carrots...any baby food for that matter. She ruined the bib, her leggings, and the highchair buckle. We tried again the next day and she did much better!


DeJaView said...

My fav. Bib is a baby Bjorn that catches food and is made of plastic and I wash it in the dishwasher. Wish I had it for my first baby who is almost 13.

DeJaView said...

Hope you can see the link I sent you. My mom had a bib just like this when I was a kid. My 2 year old request this bib tonight so that she wouldn't mess her dress.

Tonya said...

Thanks! We do have the silicone bibs and I agree they are the best. She got 2 new ones in her stocking this year ;) My next post shows the ones we have: