Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Ready For A New Year!

I absolutely have no words for how this past month and a half have gone. Here is a synopsis just for laughs:

11/12 - I get an asymptomatic cavity filled and am in severe pain that night
11/17 - Back at dentist to evaluate my intense pain after a dental filling, refers me for root canal evaluation
11/18 - I get a thyroid ultrasound & my thyroid Dr. suspects I have Sjogren's and will be testing with next set of labs. Emma has sore throat and Georgia has a 101.3 fever.
11/20 - I get a root canal (in pain since 11/12)
11/23 - Emma's throat hurts and she starts having chills

11/24 - Back at endodontist for eval because my tooth still hurts, started steroids. Took girls with me to pediatrician for Emma: turns out Emma & Reese are Strep throat + and Reese has sinus infection.

11/25 - Emma has an infected cuticle (paronychia) that had to be cultured and drained. Result was Staph infection.

Scarlett threw up in my hands the moment we walked in the door & then 2 more times that night.
11/26 - Scarlett recovers by sleeping it off in time for Thanksgiving

12/2 - Got a CT scan of my tooth. Took Georgia to pedi for inconsolable screaming for over a week. Got 2 needle sticks and urine catheter.
12/3 - Scarlett has fever. Pediatrician requests to see Georgia for follow up & Scarlett for fever. Scarlett was fine at the appt and threw up the moment we walked in the door.
12/5 - Scarlett & Georgia are sick with viruses. Scarlett continues to vomit from postnasal drip.

12/10 - Back at pediatrician. Scarlett has an ear infection.
Found out Georgia has blood in stool & I had to go dairy free immediately.

12/13 - Cody wakes up sicker than a dog the morning of Scarlett's birthday party. He tested + for Influenza A that afternoon. I quarantine Cody for several days. (so proud we kept the flu to just him!) Somewhere in here I start coughing with the respiratory virus.
12/18 - Cody goes to urgent care and gets an IV, he caught a GI bug with the flu. Georgia had her 6mo appt & got 2 needle sticks for blood work & 2 shots + oral vaccine. (see blog post here)

Followed by an upper GI at the children's hospital (see blog post here)

12/21 - Georgia started "barking" & had stridor = croup
12/22 - Scarlett throws up after we get home from cookie decorating. We cancelled family vacation.
12/23 - Back at endodontist for CT results (yes, from 12/2) and told I should see an ENT for sinus cavity inflammation
12/24 - Emma had to be nebulized for wheezing/coughing & Georgia battles croup

12/25 - Georgia had to be nebulized for wheezing
12/29 - I go to ENT to rule out chronic sinusitis as possible cause for tooth pain. It's not the cause!
12/31 - Got a 2nd opinion on my tooth from another endodontist. Believes I have nerve left and need a repeat root canal on it (still in pain since 11/12). ENT calls me to inform me if I get the tooth pulled I am at risk for an oroantral fistula since my tooth roots are so long and invading my sinus cavity. Praying my tooth isn't cracked and needs extraction!

This was the first time in my life that I was not ready for Christmas. I was drowning and needed another whole month just to catch up before I would have felt ready.

If you didn't get a Christmas card this year, I am sorry. I tried my best to get one to everyone but I know I missed some good friends. If you didn't get a Christmas gift from us and should have, I am so deeply sorry! I have cried so much this past 1.5 months wishing this would all just end.

I can without a doubt say we are ready for a new year!

To the family who offered to help even though I refused it- thank you! To the friend who brought me flowers - thank you! To the friend who got me into an ENT without questions - thank you! To those who prayed for our family - thank you!

I don't even know if its all over yet. Georgia is still having intestinal issues but I can't judge her pain since she had croup and is cutting 4 new teeth. The days are long, the nights are long. Praying tomorrow we can just hit the reset button and have a clean slate for 2015!


cjm said...

Oh, honey. That list is too, too long. I'm so sorry. But, yes, major props for the flu not spreading. Happy new year from someone who is just as happy to see 2014 go. ;)

kaela said...

I think you deserve huge props just for making it through all of those days! That list is just ridiculous...I am really hoping hoping that it's all downhill from here. Will continue praying for you guys. You need a break!