Thursday, December 18, 2014

Georgia's 6 Month Appointment

I took Georgia to her 6 month "well check" this morning. The good news is she is hitting all her milestones and is growing well!

Weight: 16.5 pounds (52%)
Length: 26 inches (49%)
Head: 18.2 inches (>99%)

Her head measurement is off the curve like she was at 4 months but she is hugging the line so far. We are watching to see if her future measurements make the curve of if she jumps off the chart and needs a cranial ultrasound.

On the flip side:

I told the pediatrician she has gotten worse over the past week. I had brought additional diapers for blood sampling and she is still + for blood. She does not think she has been bleeding this whole time because she said she would have expected her to be anemic in the past blood work. She does think this intestinal issue is a new acute concern.

I showed her an area right on her tailbone where she has developed an interesting rash. Her comment was "its not an ordinary diaper rash" and that you would expect to see it all her bottom, which it isn't. The rash blanches with touch. So I am watching that - we really aren't sure yet.

I told her I wasn't convinced this issue is a milk allergy. She completely agreed and said she's not so sure either but I do have continue eating dairy free while she is having intestinal bleeding because her stomach can't handle it. I asked her how could this be Colitis if her CRP was negative in the past lab work. She also agreed that it would have been elevated.

Then we started talking other possible causes...

For whatever reason, Giardia was not tested for with the last stool culture. So we are re-sending samples and re-checking for all parasites. She said they like more than one sample anyway in case they didn't get one (a parasite) in the 1st round. She is also adding in a C. diff order even though she has never been on antibiotics. She also mentioned some really rare options that she said she would add to the order.

I brought up the option of her intestinal wall folding over. She said we would be seeing gross blood in her diapers, which we have not. I have not seen blood in her diaper at all - but it is there microscopically. We both palpated on her abdomen and couldn't illicit any kind of grimace response.

When I told her she arches her back and screams in pain intermittently she said this sounded just like what she went through with her son who had volvulus (intestinal twisting). She said her sons was from scar tissue though. She said he needed exploratory surgery to find and treat it. I could tell she was trying not to scare me.

I asked if they could do an allergy test on her this young for milk/soy, etc. and she said it is approved for 6 months and up and is through blood work. She said we can develop and allergy at anytime (which implied if everything was negative now it wouldn't mean on day she would be allergic to peanuts, for example). I requested the allergy testing and she agreed. This way we would know 1) this is definitely the cause or 2) something else is wrong

Once again it took 2 needle sticks to get blood from Georgia. She was SCREAMING as hard as she could. I told them "this" is the cry at home I am dealing with. Georgia was sweating from putting up a fight with me holding her down and the nurses poking her. At this moment - I cried. My heart breaks for her and is so heavy knowing she is hurting.

The nurse gave me a moment to recompose and feed Georgia so she would calm down before her 6  month shots. She offered holding off a week on the shots but I honestly don't know that things will be any better then. We decided to give all her 6 mo vaccines (except for Hep B) + the 1st round of flu vaccine. She said we could give Hep B when we come back for the 2nd round of flu vaccine in a month.

When our pedi came back in and I told her "that is the cry". She said, lets get her in for the scans then. She said she would call the Radiologist to discuss with them what all should be done. We could do a simple abdominal ultrasound and/or we could get invasive and do a CT with sedation. She said she would be calling me back regarding a radiology work up at Methodist Children's Hospital. I told her if there happened to be a cancellation today - I could take her in. I doubt however, we will get that lucky.
For now, shes at home with 4 band aids and resting peacefully.

 Please pray for Georgia!

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We are keeping your daughter in our prayers