Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Georgia Rae - 7 Months Old!

January 12, 2015 - Georgia is SEVEN months old!

Eyes: Blue still. Do you think they will stay?

Clothes: size 9 or 12 months
Diapers: size 3
Nursing: every 3-4hrs
Weight: approx. 17.5 pounds per home scale

Teething: SIX and is currently cutting #7 & 8!

Last month she only had two teeth. It has been rough for all of us...

Solids: We have introduced carrotsbananasavocadosapples, & sweet potatoes

Milestones: She has started pushing herself up really high with her arms when on her stomach but has yet to get on her knees and start rocking. She can also walk in her walker (using both legs at once to propel herself forward). She can now sit for prolonged periods of time and play. She hasn't learned how to go from sitting to laying down gracefully yet.

She can also drink (water) from a trainer sippy cup. 

Sleep: She is now sleeping in her own room in her crib! She is solely a stomach sleeper now so no more swaddled arms either! She wakes up around 4am to nurse.

Playtime: She is very active with her toys now! 

She lays on her stomach and spins around in a big circle playing with everything around her. 

Personality: A happy, smiley baby is finally starting to peak through! She is starting to giggle with her sisters, which makes my heart smile!

I live for these rare moments.

She wants to be involved in the action and gets bored easily. She does not like to feel left out! If we are all eating at the table, she wants to be sitting at the table too. Georgia has also discovered the (fun for her but not for us) act of dropping items on the floor and waiting to see if you will pick it back up and return it to her. She will literally drop something over and over and the girls keep retrieving it. I wonder how long until they figure out this little game!

Signs: She understands when I sign "milk" and I think she has actually signed it a few times but I wasn't sure if it was intentional or not. She will be signing milk soon!

Concerns/Updates: We received all lab work back and everything was normal! She is not allergic to anything they tested for (but that doesn't mean she can't develop an allergy later on). They only thing abnormal with her diapers is the blood. 

I was told Georgia could be milk intolerant but not have a true allergy. She would test normal on lab work with a milk intolerance but still have the blood in her stool. She told me she thought it was fine to add soy back into my diet because soy intolerance is less likely. 

After doing a lot of research on being dairy-free we realized that lactobacillus probiotics may contain dairy proteins so we stopped it and switched to Baby's Jarro-Dophilus drops (Bifidobacterium) that specifically said it was free of all major allergens, including dairy and soy. Cody found this at Whole Foods.

I told the pediatrician the dairy elimination diet seemed to be working but I couldn't assess her demeanor with the recent croup & crazy teething. The pediatrician gave us a GI referral to call when we were ready and asked me to bring in another diaper for a repeat guiaiac test. I held off on calling the GI physician until we retested a diaper for blood. 

I took a diaper in during Scarlett's 3 year well-check and Georgia's diaper was blood free!!!! I told her I ate soy items maybe 2 or 3 times but that I just felt guilty when I did so I really hadn't added it back in fully. She felt that since I had tried soy and the diaper was clear it was safe to add back in. I am so relieved! I think it is harder to be soy-free than dairy-free. I have since started eating soy and plan to re-test a diaper in a few weeks just to be sure we are on the right path. I can skip the GI referral if I think she is clinically better. I will be able to judge this better once all these teeth have cut but I am hopeful we have diagnosed the problem and are on a pain-free path!

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