Tuesday, June 3, 2014

38 Weeks

Total weight gain: 28.5 lbs
Fetal size: a pumpkin! (approximately 7 pounds & 19-20 inches long)
Movement: I did have to pull out the doppler the other night b/c the baby wasn't moving during it's usual time. Needless to say, the baby decided to wake me up at 3am with crazy movements and wouldn't stop.
Symptoms: The contractions and heartburn have significantly decreased but I was very uncomfortable yesterday afternoon with cramping. Now having some lower back discomfort (constantly feels like I need to pop my tailbone) and I have been very tired.

Overall, I felt much better this past week compared to my 36th week. Delivery isn't feeling so imminent right now, which I am happy about at the moment. I am, however, starting to feel completely overwhelmed. My to-do list isn't shrinking but only seems to be growing. A clean house only lasts for 1/2 a day before the girls destroy it. My patience is being tested and I am not winning. 

On a more accomplished note: I have finished prepping and freezing all my planned casseroles for after delivery. We went to a few baby stores to pre-look at going home outfits for both genders. The girls picked out a sweet grey puppy dog to bring home for the nursery. 

All 3 girls are now guessing the baby is a boy. I was shocked when Emma changed her vote since she was SO adamant on having a sister. I was sort of relieved hearing this though because now I know she's ok with the idea of a brother. We have been doing a lot of talking about being happy no matter what the baby is since God decides what is perfect for our family. I can not wait to introduce these girls to the baby!!!

Next appointment is Thursday with the PA since my OB is out of town this week. The girls have ballet rehearsal Thursday & Friday evening followed by the big recital on Saturday morning. My only goal left is to make it past June 7th before having this baby! Come next Monday, I will be doing all I can to kick into labor! 

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