Sunday, June 22, 2014

Georgia - 1 Day Old

June 13, 2014 - Georgia Rae is one day old!

Cody had gone home the night before to take care of the girls. The nurse took Georgia at 5am for a weight check. She was down from 6lb 10oz to 6lb 7.9oz, which is completely normal. As the sun started to rise Miss Georgia was still having sweet dreams in her bassinet.

 Cody arrived at 7am with breakfast and coffee and quickly got some snuggle time with Georgia.

Meme arrived around 8:30am for a morning visit.
Around 8:45am, Georgia's hearing test was conducted. It took some time since she had residual fluid on her right ear but she passed!
We were lucky enough to have a sweet friend stop by and bring us Jason's Deli for lunch!

A little before noon, Nana came to visit. 

She's smiling under there!

Worn Out!

We had to wait till the 24hr mark of Georgia being born before the bilirubin level was drawn by the lab. We had Georgia changed in her going home dress and buckled in the the car seat waiting for the results to come back. 

Who took my paci?!
She had to be at 6.5 or less. When the nurse walked in the with results I said "you better say she passed!" and she did! Her bili level was 6.0 so the nurse cut off her Hugs tag and we were out the door! Georgia's 1st car ride was a mix of emotions...

As well as arriving home on our doorstep at 6:15pm...

Home sweet home! 6:20pm Georgia was in our foyer and finally HOME!
7pm...and she was ready for bed!

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