Thursday, June 19, 2014

Our Gender Surprise Delivery!

On June 12th, 2014 we went to Labor & Delivery at 5am for an elective induction.

5:30am- Admission process started
6:00am- IV attempts started. Took 3 RNs & 3 needle sticks before getting a working IV.
6:30am- Pitocin started at 2mu. Cervix at 1.5cm/50% effaced
8:10am- Water broken per OB (AROM). Cervix at 3cm/75%/-2
9:00am- Epidural started (I was assuming I'd labor fast) and it was rough going in. He was digging right and left trying to find midline. It was my most painful epidural placement.
11:45am- Pitocin only at 12mu. Cervix at 4/75%/-1. Got more IV fluid bolus due to variable decels (cord compression during contractions), which in turn spaced out my contractions.
2:00pm- Cervix at 5/80%/0 Finally at 20mu of pitocin
3:30pm- Cervix at 6/80%/0 Asked OB for pitocin max of 30mu but he kept me at 20mu since making progress with the 20mu. Pretty sure he was delaying me till his clinic hours were over.
5:00pm- Cervix at 8/100%/+1 per OB
5:28pm- Complete 10/100%/+2
5:29pm- OB & delivery team in room setting up
5:32pm- Pushing started. Only took 1 push!
5:33pm- Cody announced IT'S A GIRL!

She was born with a loose nuchal cord (cord around the neck) that was quickly reduced by the OB.
6 pounds, 10 ounces & 20 inches long

Georgia Rae Sweatman

Before we even got pregnant I just knew in my heart the name of another daughter would be Georgia Rae. There was practically no discussion over her name. I told Cody it was like someone was telling me that's what it should be. It was already set in my heart and there was no changing it. God is very powerful and I trusted Him completely on this. I'm so blessed Cody loved the name too!

Cody's middle name is Ray and he had always said he wanted to pass down his middle name. After having 3 girls we saved it to use for our 4th child no matter the gender. We feel very proud to be able to pass this along to our child! I think it flows beautifully with her gorgeous Southern name!
While I was nursing Georgia & bonding, Cody ran home to get the girls to come meet the new baby. Cody did not tell them nor the grandparents what the gender was. I wanted that announcement to happen in the delivery room! I needed the gender to be very obvious for my girls to figure out so we put a purple bow on her head before they walked into the room. 

We let just the siblings come into the room first to meet their new sister! As soon as Reese saw the bow she said "it's a girl!" They couldn't stop smiling and looking at her! We told them her name is Georgia Rae (which they already knew if we had a girl). 
After each of the girls got a chance to hold baby Georgia we allowed the grandparents to come into the room. My mom instantly noticed all of Georgia's hair! Reese announced her baby sister's name to the grandparents. 

Sweatman Family of 6!

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