Thursday, June 5, 2014

38.2 Week Appointment

I had my routine weekly appointment this morning but it was with the PA since my OB is out for the week. I could tell OB was not her strong suit as she struggled finding the heartbeat with the doppler...she eventually got it.

Fetal HR: 142
B/P: great
Total weight gain: 29lbs (the .5lb difference is being weighed with clothes on vs how I weigh myself at home).

I did get a cervical check but I am 99% positive she never even found my cervix. That is something I can feel when performed right and I usually have a contraction afterwards. She just seemed far off. She said "well... its far back there and.... you are closed". My impression is she never found it and just said that to cover herself. It is ok though - I didn't want her stirring up anything by poking around and causing labor this weekend.

Next appointment is Tuesday with my OB - and hopefully my last appointment!

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