Tuesday, May 27, 2014

37 Weeks {Full Term}

Total weight gain: 27.5 lbs
Fetal size: a winter melon! (approximately 6-7 pounds & 19-20 inches long)
Movement: The baby really likes to make my belly lopsided and stick its butt out making a very awkward belly shape for me!
Symptoms: Contractions, contractions, contractions. 

I had regular, time-able contractions for 7 hours straight on Friday. They were definitely more uncomfortable than the typical braxton hicks I have been having but they never increased in intensity. I did make sure to get the dishes, laundry & floors done just in case. I drank a BUNCH of ice water to try to get them to relax and it just wasn't working. Finally, after a warm bath and going to bed for the night I was able to sleep them off. I only slept 4 hours last night due to cramps, contractions, heart burn & insomnia. Got to love the tail end of pregnancy!

The baby is now considered full term and should be able to breathe on its own when born. The baby now drinks an estimated 15oz of amniotic fluid per day!

I have been working on freezing meals for after the baby (which is new for me). I now have 1 meatloaf, 2 casserole pans of King Ranch Chicken, pizza dough, a batch of cookie dough balls & Belgium waffles ready to go!

I had my routine OB appointment this morning and all is well. 
B/P: 106/68
GBS results: NEGATIVE! (no antibiotics needed in labor - yay!)
Dilation: 0.5cm, "soft" with no effacement
Fetal weight (estimated per OB feeling on my belly): 6-7 lbs "it's not a big baby"

Part of me is disappointed in the lack of cervical change after all the contractions but part of me is also relieved knowing that I want to get past June 7th (the girl's ballet recital) before delivering. I will see the PA next week as my OB will be out of town. Keep cooking little one...

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