Thursday, May 22, 2014

36.2 Week Appointment

I had my routine OB appointment this morning and all is well!

B/P: 100/70
Weight Gain: 3.5lb since last appt 2 weeks ago
FHR: good & strong
FH: on track
Fetal Position: HEAD DOWN!!

The GBS culture was collected and an internal exam done. I am not dilated yet, which I expected. I wasn't dilating this early with any of my girls. I am actually reassured with this because my OB is out of town during my 38th week and girls have a big ballet recital coming up that I want to get past before delivering. He thinks I will make it to 39 weeks just fine assuming my water doesn't spontaneously break in the mean time.

I go back next week and will be checked for dilation again at each weekly visit until delivery.

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Amanda Lynch said...

Best of luck to you on your home-stretch! I would really like to get in touch with you about your daughter Scarlett's bedroom furniture. I know the post was old, but I came across it while searching for that same set. I may have to order it before actually seeing it in person :/ and I really hate that. But from pictures, I am just in love with it! If you don't mind, would you please call or email me with your opinion on the Savannah crib and dresser? I would really value your opinion! TIA -- Amanda Lynch 409-543-1244