Tuesday, May 20, 2014

36 Weeks {9 Months}

Total weight gain: 26.5 lbs
Fetal size: a honeydew! (approximately 5.75-6 pounds & 18.5 inches long)
Movement: This baby has gotten very strong and active! Cody says I have an alien belly when the baby gets super active.
Symptoms: The random contractions I've been having have started getting more intense and the baby has started pushing downwards randomly, which stops me in my tracks. I was very uncomfortable yesterday afternoon-evening with contractions, pressure & back discomfort.

We got a lot accomplished yesterday afternoon. The car seats have been completely rearranged in my car in preparation of the baby and picking Reese up from Kinder starting in the Fall. So the infant car seat is officially installed in my car :) I also got my 1st freezer meal prepped and frozen yesterday. I plan on doubling a few dinner meals over the next few weeks and freezing the extra portion. I didn't do this with my other deliveries but I think we will appreciate the convenience this time. 

I have an OB appointment this Thursday. The GBS (Group B Strep) culture will be collected to see if I need antibiotics in labor (I have always been negative in the past). I will also be checked for any dilation/effacement at this time but I am not expecting much at 36 weeks. 

Nursery Update: The curtains and bumper arrived this past week and are in place! It really feels like a nursery now. I can't wait to start adding a gender color to the room soon!
Silk Curtains
Crib with Custom Bedding
The Bedding
Grey Plush Bunny
I'm really happy with the way this nursery is coming together! Gender neutral was probably the hardest nursery to plan since I didn't want to go the yellow or green neutral route. I know it will look great once it gets personalized after the baby is here!

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Anne Vogel said...


I discovered your blog after a Pinterest link while looking for ideas for my son's room ...
I also discovered all your lovely family! It's nice to see all that you get to do with your girls ... I love your ideas :) Thanks for sharing!

I wish you all the best for the end of your pregnancy ... I look forward to reading nice news!


(Sorry, my English is not very good ...)