Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sombrero Hat Sugar Cookies Tutorial

It's Fiesta time in San Antonio! It is so much fun to bake treats for the girls to take to daycare! I made these same cookies last year for Reese's class and this time Scarlett got to take them to share!

You will need:
Sugar cookie mix and required ingredients for baking them
Icing (I used buttercream) & a ziplock
Dots or Gumdrops

1. Bake the batch of sugar cookies as instructed on your mix. 
2. Put some icing in a ziplock and snip the corner of the bag with scissors
3. Pour some sprinkles into a bowl large enough for the cookie to fit into & open your dots/gumdrops

 4. Pipe a thin line of icing around the edge of the cookie (hard to see in picture below since the colors match)
 5. Push the cookie gently icing side down into the sprinkles and give it a slight twist without breaking the cookie.
 6. Place your cookie back onto your work surface
 7. Grab a dot/gumdrop and squeeze some icing onto the flat side of the candy
 8. Push the candy icing side down into the center of the cookie
9. Hand place some sprinkles around the icing that squished out around the center candy.
10. That's it! enjoy your little sombreros!

I found this Fiesta plate in the Target bins for $3 a few days ago!
Emma & Reese being silly and trying out their little sombreros!

Stay tuned for more Fiesta baking!

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