Saturday, April 20, 2013


For Cody's 30th birthday I gave him a gift certificate to go skydiving and this past Friday he did it! I had no desire to jump with feet stayed on the ground! Scarlett was actually home sick so she got to watch her Daddy jump from a plane. I think having Scarlett with me helped distract my mind from my nerves. I was so nervous that morning. 

Friday was a beautiful day but it sure was windy! 

Cody & jumping staff, Christian

Can you see the plane?

They landed, Praise the Lord!

The 1st thing he does is check for his wedding ring!

Cody said it was awesome and worth doing! He said it all happened so fast you can't even process you're about to jump from a plane (although I think I would be completely aware of that). The wind made the situation a bit difficult and they got tangled in their line for a bit. God was watching over him because he landed safely and came back to us! 

Later that day I asked him "would you do it again?" and after a brief moment he replied "once was enough". I completely agree! 

Cody, I hope your 30th is something you always remember!

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Adventures with Little man said...

Oh how very awesome! What a great birthday gift. I want to go do badly but my husband thinks my blood pressure issue would not be good with it! I like to think I'd be okay. What fun!