Monday, April 15, 2013

Reese Amazes Me!

This child simply AMAZES me! Reese is 4 years & 2 months old and can do this...

p.s. I know it looks like she's reading it off a wall but she wasn't! This was in Reese's room and Emma's name is no where on display.

The other day Reese was showing Emma in the car how she can spell her name. Cody asked her if she could spell it backwards (and I honestly laughed under my breath thinking there was no way). Without hesitation she did it! Correctly. On the 1st try. Our mouths fell open! This weekend I was working with Emma on spelling her own name and I asked Reese if she could spell Emma backwards. And once again she did it perfectly on the 1st try! Then she started spelling another name...Sophia (aka: her best friend at school). I had no clue she was picking up on how her friends' names are spelled too.

Simply amazed!

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Kelly Grant said...

I loved this!! I also love how she is sure to stop you from asking her to spell Sophia That sounds like a conversation we would have here. Shes so sweet!