Friday, April 26, 2013

Pinata Cupcakes {Tutorial}

Who wouldn't love to bite into a cupcake and have it explode with candy?!

For Fiesta this year Reese & Emma got to take these yummy Pinata Cupcakes to daycare to share. These were so fun to make and my girls even helped stuff them with the candy.

You will need:
1 box cupcake mix (Funfetti never fails me!) & required ingredients
Cupcake liners
Batch of Icing
Sprinkles & Food coloring (if you want your icing colored)
Candy for stuffing (I used mini M&Ms, gummy bears and sprinkles)
Cupcake Plunger (although it can be done using a spoon but I have not tried)

1. Bake your batch of cupcakes according to package & allow to cool
2. Remove cupcakes and place on work surface or carrying container
3. Wash your cupcake plunger! (I got this from Cody almost a year ago and just now figured out the perfect use for it!)
4. Plunge out the center of the cupcakes according to the directions on the package. It was super easy and worked like a charm!
5. Store all the cupcake centers that you removed in a bowl. Don't be tempted to eat them just yet!
6. Stuff the cupcakes & have fun! We counted out 2 gummy bears per cupcake, 6+ mini M&Ms and a big pinch of sprinkles. 
7. Stuff away!
8. Take those cupcake cores you plunged out and trim off about 2/3 of it
9. Now you can eat the bottom 2/3 of what you just cut!
10. Use the remaining 1/3 (should be the top circle of the cupcake) and plug the holes back up to hide the surprise! (This also protects the candy from the icing)
11. Ice and sprinkle the tops
12. Enjoy!

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Laura said...

I am a piñata maker and I am always looking for unique piñata theme ideas. I love your piñata cup cake tutorial. I am posting it on my FB page.
Check it out :)