Sunday, January 9, 2011

What Has Emma Been Up To?

Yesterday (1/8/11) Emma tried very hard to ROLL OVER!! I caught her in action with my phone so the pictures aren't high quality. She was trying to look at a toy that was above her head ;)

Almost there Emma!!!

And here are a few smiles from this morning =)

Emma found her hands this last week and they are ALWAYS in her mouth. Yesterday she found her feet and tries very hard to reach them! She is full of smiles and giggles now :) She is also becoming more interactive with her toys and can now reach out and touch a toy with purpose. Everyday Emma gets a short period of tummy time, playtime in the jumperoo to build leg strength, and independent playtime so she can learn to entertain herself. She does wonderful with the independent play!!!

The bottle feeding (of breast milk) is still a challenge. She just does NOT want anything to do with a bottle. I guess it is a good thing I am not working right now. I can't believe at the end of the month we will be introducing rice cereal already! I think Emma will be my "good" eater. She is already 13.5 pounds according to our scale at home and is getting little rolls on her thighs and wrists. We aren't used to this because Reese never ate this much.

We are very proud of her-- we can lay her down in her cradle tired and most times she can put herself to sleep!! Once she starts sleeping longer through the night she will be moved to her crib (upstairs). 

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