Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Here we go again...

Our precious little Reese is sick once again...
She has had a runny nose and coughs when she sleeps for about a week now (these are not unusual symptoms for her). A kid in her classroom has strep and another has pneumonia so I have been "waiting" for the inevitable fever to come. 

Well yesterday it did...school called me after naptime and said she had 103.9 fever. I am so thankful to live less than 5 minutes from her school! I immediately picked her up and we were worked into the pediatrician (meaning we had to wait about 45min-1hr to be seen). I was worried about how Emma would be b/c I didn't get a chance to feed her before I got the call from her school. But we managed not to have any meltdowns and I was able to feed her in the pediatrician room once Reese was called back. 

Her temp was 103.1 there. Strep and Flu tests were both negative...thank goodness! Her tonsils are red and swollen. She has a sinus infection and the adenovirus is going around according to the pedi. Reese was given motrin there, a cough suppressant and antibiotics. I cooled her off once we were home with a bath. 

Reese napping on the couch

Here is Reese praying at bedtime (prior to being sick)
"Thank you Father, Thank you Father For our food, For our food, & the many Blessings, & the many Blessings, You were good, You were good! Amen Jesus!!"

Dress up time: I think she wants to go to Disney!!  ;)


The Pokornys said...

So sorry sweet Reese is sick :( Poor little girl can't catch a break!!! I'll say a prayer that she gets better asap!!! I don't know how you do it, b/c Graham has only been slightly sick and we've been stressing, and you have two babies to worry about!! Everyone is sick right now!!!! The picture of her in the Minnie Mouse costume is so adorable.

The Sweatman Family said...

Thanks Bren!! It is never easy having a sick child and it doesn't get easier with each illness :/ Not sure why she catches EVERY virus possible but she does :(

Kelly Grant said...

Aw feel better!!!!