Monday, January 31, 2011

Emma's 1st Time....

For a breathing treatment!

We took Emma to her 4mo well checkup today and it quickly turned into a sick checkup. As we suspected, Emma has RSV (which means Reese did too) AND an ear infection starting in her right ear and redness/inflammation of her left ear. 

As the nurse was asking her assessment questions she was able to hear Emma's high-pitched cough, congestion, & her hoarse cry. She put the pulse oximeter on her to check her O2 saturation levels and she was only 93% (normal is 99-100%)! She got a breathing treatment for 5 minutes in the office and she did VERY well with it. She just sat there and breathed in the medicated vapors. The whole time Cody & I were debating over what type of animal her mask was supposed to be (the face of it has scales). He said a chicken at 1st then a rhino and I think its a lizard...hey, we have to make the most out our situation, right?!

We are to continue the breathing treatments at home every 4-6 hours, administer steroids and antibiotics. I am also allowed to give her Pedialyte since she has a decreased appetite for milk (milk and congestion don't make a good combo). She is going back for a follow up on Friday (sooner if needed) and we are to take her to the ER if she gets worse in the middle of the night.

Please pray we can avoid the hospital!!

On a healthier note:

Emma weighs 13# 8oz (48%) and is 25.3in (84%). She grew 3 inches in two months (going from 57% to 84% in height)! Her weight percentage did drop from 65% to the 48% from her 2mo appt, which surprised me with all her little rolls (some has to do with her decreased appetite from being sick the past few days). Overall, she has grown nicely. We did not get her 4mo shots today due to her virus...they will just have to be postponed for a bit ;)


Kelly Grant said...

I hope she feels better soon! I would be a wreck if Addison got RSV....I guess yalls medical training helps :) Nursing is so tough when they are congested and I cant imagine how challenging it is when its maajor congestion!

Cody is really tall right? Maybe Emma will be tall like him :)

The Sweatman Family said...

You have no idea!! She would suck some then pop off and gas for air through her mouth b/c her nose is completely clogged :(

Yes, Cody is 6'3" so hopefully she will inherit his height and not my shortness ;)