Monday, January 10, 2011

A Healthier Me!

Today is DAY 1 of a "healthier me". 

I have started the Weight Watchers program online so I can shed some weight. I have had 2 babies in the last 2 years and I would like to get my body back to the size I was when I met Cody. I have struggled with my weight over the past few years and having a hypothyroid doesn't help me out. 

I am doing a tailored plan for breastfeeding, which allows me extra calories so that my milk supply isn't affected but still allows me to lose weight. Although this might be a slower process than non-nursing moms. I am allowed 43 "points" a day and have an allowance of 49 "points" to use how I wish each week (either all at once or spread out).

Today I am struggling b/c I haven't really gotten into a routine with this plan yet. I don't know what to eat. I need to realize that I can eat anything on this plan but I just have to watch portions and count my points.

All fruits and veggies are zero points! Guess I need to learn how to like veggies :/ 

So far today I have had:
Coffee with sugar & flavored creamer: 5pts
Banana: 0pts
Mini Pretzel Twists: 3pts

I need to figure out how to balance these points b/c I still have 35 to use and the day is half over and I am starving!

I am happy to say that Amy was my inspiration for choosing weight watchers since she just recently started the program as well. Cody is very supportive over this decision and happy to help keep me on track!!! I am excited for a "healthier me"!


Kelly Grant said...

You will do a great job; I know it will be challenging because you have to watch your milk supply (it has been hard for me). Just be patient. I cannot wait to hear about your SUCCESS!!

Amy'sThoughts for 2011 said...

Yay!!! So proud of you-we are both gna be "hot mamas"!!!

The Sweatman Family said...

Thanks ladies for your support! Amy- yes we are!!!

Riley's mom said...

Good luck! I hope you lose tons of weight! If you need meal ideas, go to Half-price books. THey always have WW cookbooks there! I've gotten some wonderful dinner ideas out of those books and they tell you all the point info you need!