Sunday, January 16, 2011

My 1st Week with WW

Week 1:

I have to say that Weight Watchers is definitely an adjustment. Day 1 I was scared to eat anything b/c I didn't know how my points would add up throughout the day. I ended up meeting my 43 point daily quota but I quickly realized it was better to plan out each day's menu the night before. Creating menus the night before helped take the stress out of the next day b/c I just ate what I wrote down for the day. I think the 1st week is the  hardest b/c you have to calculate the points all your favorite foods are worth. Once I build up a selection of daily menus and points for favorite items it will be easier. 

On Thursday Cody & I decided to enjoy the day a bit and go to PF Changs. I figured out my points before I went so I knew exactly where I stood for the day. Water = 0 pts, 1 cup egg drop soup = 1 pt, 1 cup of General Tso's chicken and 1 cup of white rice = 23 pts! I didn't feel guilty about this though b/c I had not even touched my weekly allowance of 49 pts.

I have learned a lot in this past week. I can eat anything I want, I just have to watch portion sizes and count everything. I have learned that a lot of my pantry/fridge options aren't the best option available. For example, the wheat bread I like to eat was 3 points A SLICE! This doesn't mean it isn't a "healthy" bread but it does mean that it will take up more points than some other options. I quickly found another whole wheat bread that is 1 point per slice :) I have also switched from 1% milk to fat free milk (I can't tell the difference and it saves me 1 point per cup). We also tried eating turkey sausage for breakfast and it was very good! Even Cody & Reese liked it :)

As of yesterday I still had 37 of my weekly points available + my 43 daily points. We enjoyed the day by ordering pizza for lunch. Domino's Pizza: 1 slice of a medium thin crust pepperoni pizza & cheddar cheese (2 toppings) was 6 points. I did not come close to using all of my weekly points so I need to learn how to space them out throughout the week.

Week 1 Total Weight Loss: 3.5 pounds

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