Friday, September 24, 2010

The Drop!

I am very excited to say that Emma has "dropped". 
I never did drop with Reese so this is a new experience for me :) After our 1.3 mile walk yesterday morning I noticed Emma was much lower. We did another 1 mile walk last night and she is now definitely lower! Even Reese's pediatrician said I looked "low". 

On that note, Reese was diagnosed this afternoon with Coxsachievirus after having 104.5 fever at school. She has sores in the back of her throat that the pediatrician saw. This of course "just has to run its course" although we were instructed to give a benadryl/maalox mixture to coat her sore throat.

The goal now is NOT to have a baby this weekend since Reese is contagious :'(


dawnzer said...

I can totally relate since we were in the same situation with Sarah and her chickenpox. Poor thing didn't even get to see me in the hospital and we didn't let her touch Jake for a week after we came home!

The Sweatman Family said...

Dawn- The thought of having to keep the girls separate is killing me!! I pray that she can stay in until Reese is no longer contagious (which will depend on her fever). I have worked so hard to get myself "favorable" for labor (walking daily,etc) and now i have to stop and hope nothing happens!?

I don't think I could keep Reese away. I don't want her to have negative associations to the baby.

So sad!!