Tuesday, September 7, 2010

36 Weeks/19 Months

I am officially 9 months pregnant!!!
 Only 1 more week until Emma is full term and only 4 more weeks till she's here :)

I had my weekly appointment today with a sono. I am proud to say I still have not gained any weight, so my total weight gain is 29#. Emma's estimated fetal weight is 6#2oz so far and my amniotic fluid level is normal. I almost passed out during the sonogram from laying flat on my back though :(

At 37 weeks, Reese was estimated to be 6#13oz and she only weighed 6#10oz at birth (39 weeks). So Emma still seems to be pretty tiny.

36 Weeks:

Here is Emma's sweet little face!!

36 Weeks:
By this week of pregnancy your baby's crown-to-rump length reaches about 13.5 inches and the total length is approximately 20.7 inches. Your baby weighs about 6 pounds now. You may have gained about 30 pounds by now and it is common for your weight to stay about the same from this point onwards. 

Your baby's face has filled out significantly and looks smooth and plump. Because your baby has powerful sucking muscles and has had layers of fat forming for quite some time now, the cheeks have filled out like a newborn's. Your baby's skull is firm, but not hard. Every baby's head has the ability to give slightly so that there is room for her to fit down the birth canal during delivery.

Happy 19 Months Reese!

This past week Reese was sick with a viral fever of 103-104 for 3 days. She is finally bouncing back to being herself.

Her Meme brought over a "get well" present and Reese LOVES it!


Kelly Grant said...

I didnt know Reese was sick!!! I missed that!! Glad she is better!

The Sweatman Family said...

it was a LONG 4 days/nights. she had a viral fever and would wake up at 3/4am with 103-104 fevers. Lots of motrin/tylenol and middle of the night baths...not fun!!