Friday, September 24, 2010

Contractions/Decisions & Crafts :)

I have been dealing with contractions for the last few days off and on. Mostly they wake me up at night, I have been up the last 2 nights timing them. The 1st night I woke up at 2:30am and was contracting every 2-2.5 minutes consistently for several hours. However, they never got strong enough to load up the car and head to the hospital. I finally fell asleep around 5:30 or 6am. The next day I was hurting a bit more but had lost the consistent pattern. Last night was a full moon so we were hoping with that and the 2+ mile walk we did that Emma would decide to arrive :) I started contracting at 5am and they HURT (enough where I was having to breathe through them). I started timing them and got excited when they were only 2-5min apart. Around 5:45 I started thinking I should go take a shower and then wake up Cody to go to the hospital. Well wouldn't you know, they decided to suddenly fizzle out :'( I fell asleep from 6-7am and woke up hurting and sore but no more pattern to my contractions. 

Emma is teasing us! I desperately want these contractions to step it up a notch and do something!! So with the excitement of her coming sometime soon & lots of family talking we decided that we will not refuse an induction on 9/30 if I am still pregnant. Due to my 3 grad. classes I just started (i.e., assignment due dates and quizzes), my sister only being able to visit on Oct. 1st weekend, and my body being ready for labor we decided that we need our little girl to be here soon!!

Cody's prediction is that Emma will arrive on Sunday during the Cowboys vs. Texans game :) My prediction was last night due to the full moon.

I am hoping that IF I am still pregnant on Tuesday for my 39 week appt that I will at least be 3cm dilated with everything I have been feeling (was 2cm at 38 weeks).

I am not sure if it was a pre-baby moment or what but I had a sudden urge to be "crafty". So... I made this wreath for Halloween for our front door :)

I just used an 18" styrofoam wreath, garland, ribbon, felt spiders that I glittered, and a trick or treat sign. I think it turned out pretty well!!! When Reese sees it she says "WOW"!! 

We just need to hang it on the door!!

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