Thursday, April 2, 2015

Stitch Fix Review {Fix #5}

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It's here! My April Stitch Fix arrived a day later than originally estimated (shipped from CA). I did not peek at what was being sent and I think I like it better this way! 

For this fix I requested: Stylist Rachel again, Spring color/transition pieces, staple pieces like white skinnies, denim jacket. Nursing friendly, no dry clean. The silver necklace I pinned or no accessory at all. 

I think I stopped reading my personalized note when it said Rachel wasn't with Stitch Fix anymore. I was really disappointed to read this because I feel like Rachel was just starting to figure me out. 
The items I received were:
  • Kut from the Kloth Callie Denim Jacket, size S ($78)
  • Papermoon Mirsilla Lace Detail Knit Top, size S ($58)
  • Pixley Ivy Petal Print Blouse, size S ($58)
  • Dear John Finnegan Roll Cuff Chino Short - Pink, size 4 ($48)
  • Pixley Potina Checkered Lining Cardigan, size S, $68
Sorry, my pictures are rushed this time since I had to hurry to pick up my daughter from school. I didn't get as many detail photos this time. 

Kut from the Kloth Callie Denim Jacket ($78)- Keep
Kut from the Kloth Callie Denim Jacket

I did actually pin this to my style board so I am not sure why Ashley said it was different than what I pinned. The comment I had written on the pin was that I wanted a medium and it price matched to Zappos and Macys prices. Ashley did not see the pin nor my comments for it. She sent it in a small and without price matching. I contacted Stitch Fix customer service to ask if they would price match it to my provided links.
Kut from the Kloth Callie Denim Jacket
I took some unofficial iPhone pictures and asked the Stitch Fix B/S/T (buy/sell/trade) board what they thought about the size. 
Kut from the Kloth Callie Denim Jacket

Everyone agreed this size fit despite my request for a medium. The shoulder seam and the sleeve length are right. The denim is super soft, light weight, and has stretch! The shorter length of this jacket fits my short torso perfectly.

They approved my price match request so I am excited to say this is a keeper for $69.50!

Papermoon Mirsilla Lace Detail Knit Top ($58) - RETURNED
Untitled #11852

I didn't even need to try this one on ... I knew I wouldn't wear it due to the gold accent. So here it is for those who want to see the detail but I didn't even bother trying to style this top. It's also too boxy for me. It was a soft, sweatshirt type knit material which was comfy. 
Close up of lace detail with gold chain
Not sure how many times I can write it down ... I DO NOT like gold. It's that simple. I love silver! It is written in my profile and my previous Stylist, Rachel, knew this. I am bummed I am having to start over with a stylist. I  didn't even consider this top.
Pixley Ivy Petal Print Blouse ($58) - RETURNED
Untitled #9426

I had seen pictures of this top floating around on Pinterest and had mixed feelings about it so I never pinned it myself. It is not something I would even pick up and try on. I think I am scared of big prints but not unwilling to try them. It is navy and they suggested black boots...why do I struggle with navy and black together?!

I do like the cut of this top (split neck, tab sleeves) and it is a lightweight material. 
I just don't love the colors. Mainly the orange/coral color in it. It actually fit a bit loose. I would have loved to have received some white skinny pants to try on with it. Other people seem to like this top on me but I just don't love it. I don't see myself wearing it enough to justify the purchase. 

I debated this one so much until I read the tag which said "DRY CLEAN". And with that the decision was made - returned. 

Sorry Ashley, but a mom of 4 littles is constantly covered in slobber, spit up & snot. Dry clean is not feasible for my daily life right now. 

Dear John Finnegan Roll Cuff Chino Short ($48) - Keep
Untitled #12449

These shorts come in several pinstripe colors and I received the pink pinstripe version.
I just so happen to have pink sandals to match! I asked the Facebook B/S/T board opinions on the length for a mom of 4 but everyone said they were perfect and not too short. 
I think it looks adorable paired with the denim jacket!
I hadn't pinned any shorts yet, but the way these days are already heating up they were a welcome surprise. The shorts are a keeper!

Pixley Potina Checkered Lining Cardigan ($68) - RETURNED
Untitled #10462

I had asked if the Pinson Drape cardigan in my last fix came in a different color and in the smaller size, which it didn't. So Ashley sent this one. It is just like the cardigan I bought from Fix #3 but in a different color and the size smaller. It would have shown better with a colored shirt under it but I was rushed for time.
The pros: it is soft, the colors are me all the way, the smaller size fits better than the one I bought.
The cons: It had a messed up stitch that would have to be fixed. I tried to pull on the white thread but it cinched up the seam so I left it alone. I would have needed a replacement item on this one and to me it wasn't worth going through the hassle.
I really didn't want to buy something I already bought in a different color since it's not really a staple item. There are so many other versions of black cardigans out there, I don't need the same one. Plus, we are already reaching 80+ degrees in South Texas and I just don't feel like I will get use out of this right now. I do like this cardigan and probably would have considered it if I hadn't bought the Potina Brushed Plaid version already. I'd be interested in an open cardigan with pockets.

Overall, for having a new stylist this time who missed my "no gold" and "no dry clean" preferences and didn't even see the denim jacket I pinned she did pretty good. I am keeping 2 items and would have kept the black cardigan if didn't own the navy one.

I am glad I sized down for this fix. I am going to make sure I reiterate my no gold/no dry clean preferences again since my stylist has changed and may change again.

My total cost for this fix:
Shorts $48 + Jacket $78 - $20 styling fee applied = $106 + $ 6.89 tax = $112.89 with an added $8.50 credit to my account for price matching = $104.39
I still have credit from Christmas gift cards so my actual cost was $0!

If you would like to try Stitch Fix yourself, I'd love it if you would use my referral link
Stitch Fix

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. This post does contains referral links, which I'd be so pleased if you would use! All opinions are my own :)


Holly said...

I got a really similar Kut from the Kloth denim jacket (same wash) in a fix last fall and it is a huge staple in my wardrobe and I adore it! You'll love it. It helps me to stray from my habit of wearing cardigans all the time. I am going to have to find that b/s/t site you referenced! I also asked my stylist to avoid "dry clean only" items and was a bit bummed to see some "dry clean" things in my box last month. She sent me this link: Maybe that will help?

Tonya said...

Awesome, thanks for the link! I had no idea "dry clean" could still be washed! On Facebook search "Stitch Fix B/S/T" and you should be able to find it :)

Shannon Hayes said...

I just got the same shorts but they were sooooo tight! I'm hoping I can get a different size sent to me b/c I loved my whole fix and don't want to miss the discount. I'm going to check out this b/s/t board you've been talking about!