Thursday, April 16, 2015

Reese Lost Her 1st Tooth!

April 11th, 2015 - Reese finally lost her 1st tooth! Reese noticed her tooth was loose while we were camping over Spring Break and she got so excited!

Her permanent tooth started rising behind her loose tooth despite it not falling out yet. So we began wiggling it daily to try and get it to loosen so the dentist wouldn't have to pull it. An apple finally got the tooth loose enough for me to pull it out!

When I pulled it out, she didn't even realize I had gotten it! I smiled really big and got all excited for her. She said "what?!", felt in her mouth and said "wait! where is my tooth?!" I am so glad it didn't hurt and it actually came out without a dentist's help.
She made sure she brushed the tooth nice and clean for the tooth fairy! We put the tiny tooth in a bag so she could hold onto it easier. 

She was so excited! She immediate went and set up her tooth fairy pillow on her closet door!
The next morning Reese jumped out of bed and yelled "the tooth fairy came!" The tooth fairy left her a receipt and $5 dollars covered in her magical fairy dust!
After we got back from a morning playdate with her classmate I took a quick picture on my phone of Reese with her traded goodies!
Can you see the Tooth Fairy's magical dust?!

She was so proud and over the moon with excitement!!

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