Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Georgia Rae - 10 Months Old!

April 12, 2015 - Georgia turned TEN months old!
I am seriously in denial that her 1st birthday is approaching! It is crazy to think she will soon be standing on her own and walking.

Eyes: Blue

Clothes: 12 months
Diapers: size 4
Nursing: About 5x a day
Weight: 18 pounds
Teething: Still 8 chompers with some molars trying to rise

Solids: This girl LOVES avocados & guacamole! She can also put away some peas! She is still eating everything I am eating with the exception of any nuts/honey. I introduced her to Plain Coconut Milk Yogurt this past week and she really liked it! 

Milestones: She's clapping, waving, giving high 5s & open-mouth kisses, crawling, pulling up, standing while holding on, & saying new words!

She is already crawling so much faster since this video was taken on April 10th. 

Sleep: She goes to bed at 5:30pm. I dream feed her at 10:30pm and she sleeps all night until 6:45-7am. I feed her and put her back in bed. It's 50/50 if she will fall back asleep and sleep till 8:30am or if she is just up for the day. If she's up for the day, then I get her out of her crib around 7:30 when the other girls are up and ready for breakfast. She takes one nap at 11:30am until about 1:30/2pm. I absolutely love her sleep schedule! She naps at the same time as her sisters, goes to bed early, & sleeps all night!

Playtime: Now that she is crawling she is so much happier! She can get to the toys she wants and enjoys crawling into her sisters' rooms to play with them. It is more of a struggle now to constantly be watching what she has found to put in her mouth. It is a learning curve for the big girls as they realize she is getting into their stuff :) 

She loves to chew on these wooden alphabet blocks!

Personality: She can truly melt my heart with this huge smile! She is very ticklish, especially at her collar bone. She gets excited when she sees the dog! 

Her hair is growing and at the perfect length to stick straight out!
She thinks it is hilarious to be splashed with water in the tub! 
Her laugh has been so rare due to her GI issues & pain that it just melts my heart every time I hear it! She does seem to be getting happier with each passing month. 

Signs: "milk", "hi", and she's starting to sign "more" & "all done"
Speech: "Mama", "Hi", "Up", and she says "Emma" but not on purpose. We think she has said "Dada" but we can't get her to do it again. 

Concerns/Updates: We got scheduled with a GI specialist for their 1st available spot (based on her case ranking)...which isn't until June 10th. I wanted to laugh it is so far away but I can't do much about it. 

Last month she was positive for blood in her diaper. For the past month I have not eaten any restaurant food at all. We will be rechecking another sample very soon. If it is positive again, I will have no reservations about seeing the GI specialist. 

She is currently on her 3rd dose of antibiotics for a persistent ear infection. She will be evaluated this week by the pediatrician and may have to be seen by an ENT (along with Reese for the same issue). 

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