Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Sprinkles the Elf {Day 3}

Scarlett actually found Sprinkles first this morning as we went into Emma's room (where Emma & Reese were having a sleepover). She pointed up and squealed "Mommy, look!"! As soon as I opened the bedroom door the girls saw her and ran to see. Reese said "that's so crazy!"
Day 3 - Enjoying the Swing
Reese said "maybe next time when we sleep in my room she will hang outside my door!" We shall see ;)


Sandy said...

OK, this makes my day, again. Can't wait to see where the elf is tomorrow. So many cool ideas have emerged since my kids were little...Pinterest.... This is my first Christmas season with an empty house, both kids are away at college :C So I am thoroughly enjoying your posts Tonya. Maybe I'll get to try out these fun ideas with grandchildren one day. My kids would have LOVED this elf thing you're doing!

Tonya said...

Thank you!!! I truly wish we had a elf growing up because this is so much fun and really sparks some spirit in everyone :)