Monday, December 2, 2013

Sprinkles the Elf {Day 2}

Emma woke up first this morning and ran to the tree and said "Sprinkles is gone!" I told her she must have landed somewhere else and to go look for her. It wasn't until she went to get Reese for assistance that she found her on her own.
Day 2 - Sack Race
The girls squealed with excitement! Reese said Sprinkles must have given her friends magic too! She was puzzled how the elves were holding the finish line by themselves! That girl doesn't miss a detail!!


Sandy said...

Oh my gosh, hilarious. How fun and exciting for your girls. Make sure you are video taping all of this. When the girls are grown up, pictures won't do it justice. And the Grinch toy - I could not stop laughing. Thanks for sharing this!

Tonya said...

Thank you so much for the suggestion and for following along :)