Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Surprise Reese!

Saturday evening Cody & I decided Reese was ready for her ears to be pierced. She had been asking for over a month and we had her work towards some small goals. We did a lot of teaching and explaining to her that it would hurt like a shot but it would get better. We told her she couldn't play with them, take them out, or let her friends touch them. We also told her we would have to clean them and spin them in circles (so the healing hole wouldn't stick to the earrings). One day Reese said, "Mommy, I know its like a shot and I won't cry". We knew she was getting ready but still made her wait a bit. Since Nana happened to be at our house on Saturday evening we decided to leave Emma and Scarlett with her and take just Reese for her "surprise". 

On the way to her "surprise"!

Your getting your ears pierced!

Being silly (she looks so grown up here)

She picked out her birthstone, which just happens to be PURPLE!

Right after...NOT ONE TEAR! Her eyes just got really big and she whispered "that hurt". 

A forced smile but NO tears!!!!

Ride home...So Grown Up!

We love you Reese and are so PROUD of you!


Carol said...

That is so sweet and she is adorable!

Melanie said...

Agreed! Sweet and adorable! No tears? What a big girl.