Sunday, July 1, 2012

All About Reese

I was recently asked how Reese was doing. I'm behind on blogging and tend to focus on the baby milestones right now...I'm sorry Reese! So here's the newest with our almost 3.5 year old:

Reese LOVES bugs! 
Maybe one day she will be an entomologist (studying bugs).
She found a dead beetle in the front yard

She found a live cricut in the house

A HUGE live walking stick in the back yard

She LOVES her hair (and nails) done!
Her hair is finally long enough (barely) to do a french braid!
Her 1st french braid (which she now asks for daily)

She LOVES surprises!
I surprised her with a circus shirt that I made since we are going on July 4th to see Barnum & Bailey

She LOVES being outside!
At Woodlawn Lake Park

Sliding @ MoMaks Burger Joint

She LOVES the zoo! 
She looks at an animal then says "ok, let's go look at something else".
At the petting zoo

Train Ride @ Zoo

She LOVES snuggle buddies!
Getting a new snuggle buddy: Alvin

She LOVES building castles!
She says "do you want to build a boy castle or a girl castle?"
A girl castle with the Daddy's help

She is growing up so fast it isn't funny! 
  • She weighs 29lbs
  • She says "I'm growing up, see?!"
  • She has been completely diaper free (even at night) for quite some time now. 
  • She can spell her name & knows her address (house # and street name). 
  • She desperately wants to ride the school bus! She says "in 2 more birthdays I can ride the school bus!" 
  • Reese wants her ears pierced with "diamond earrings", which we will have done when we think she is ready. We are getting there ;) 
  • She has yet to have a haircut, but we will be getting a small trim soon to stimulate growth (praying we won't lose the curls!)
  • She also LOVES getting dessert and has started eating meals much better lately in order to get some "chocolate". 
  • The other day she told me "mom, we don't run with scissors!"

Reese we love you dearly!!!! You impress us on a daily basis with your knowledge and continue to teach us! Thank you for making us parents!

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